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Biography of Marcos Witt Jonathan Mark Witt Holder

Marcos Witt Jonathan Mark Witt Holder, was born in San Antonio, Texas on May 19, 1962, is a singer, songwriter, pastor and evangelical leader, born in the United States. Marcos Witt founded in 1987, the CanZion.

In 1986 he married Miriam Lee, who has four children: Elena, Jonathan, Kristofer and Carlos. Marcos Witt is internationally recognized as pastor, singer, musician, composer and writer.Biography of Marcos WittJonathan Mark Witt Holder the second of 3 children born to Jerry and Nola Witt Holder, young American missionary who in that year of 1962 they moved to Durango, a city north of Mexico, where he began missionary work, having stayed sameinconclusive because shortly after the tragic death of his father Jerry Witt, continues today to be attended by his mother Nola Holder. His father, Jerry Witt, Marcos died when he turned 2 years old.His mother, Nola Holder, remarried years later contracted with Francis Warren, American missionary who adopts as his own missionary vision that God had placed in the hands of Nola and Jerry, her late husband, staying in Durango to establish and develop new congregations, but primarily as the husband of Nola and Mark who gave them a gift, and who appreciate having 2 more children, Lorraine and Nolita Warren Holder, the twins that their marriage had years later.Francis Warren who would assume the role of adoptive father and spiritual guide, as inculcated in the young Marcos lifestyle of Christianity. As a young man, Mark was appointed as Minister (leader) of music in a Christian congregation of San Antonio and after basic studies at the American School of Durango, Mexico, Marcos Witt later studied music at the Universidad Juarez de Durango, and began his studies in parallel Institute of Theology at Bible College of the City of San Antonio, Texas. Then he advanced his musical and ministry at the University of Nebraska and a private conservatory.In 1986 he married the American Miriam Lee (n.1963-), with whom he has four children: Elena Jannette (1987), Jonathan David (1990), Kristofer Marcos (1991) and Carlos Franklin (1994).Marcos Witt RaceMarcos Witt founded in 1987, CanZion called CanZion Productions, a Mexican producer of modern Christian music in Spanish. Their first album Song to God, produced in 1986, played by himself, marking the formal beginning of his career.But it was in 1991 with the AA Project Disco internationalized his music (including some songs highlights "Renew," a song currently being sung in many Christian churches).In addition to chairing CanZion Productions founded other companies such as Pulse Records and more than music. He is also founder of the Institute CanZion, which began as CCDMAC, music school that aims to train worship leaders around the world, currently over 79 schools in America, Europe and Africa. In the literature area, Mark has written 10 books to date in Spanish, one of them also translated into English.During his career he has performed numerous concerts, including evening celebration in Mexico City (called "Homage to Jesus" at Azteca Stadium in the city above) and elsewhere in Latin America. He also founded several leadership groups as Group Lead CanZion.As of September 15, 2002, Mark becomes leader of the Hispanic community of Lakewood Church, of which his sermons cover all media. He has also won awards as People (in 2001) and Ritmo Latino Grammy (in September 2003, 2004, November 2006 and 2007) for best album of Christian music.On November 15, 2006 was declared Illustrious Visit the city of Rancagua (Chile), by the mayor, Carlos Arellano Baeza. On October 19, 2009, is declared "Distinguished Visitor" in the city of Neuquen, Argentina. By the Governor of the province, Jorge Sapag.On December 11, 2009 is declared "Distinguished Visitor" Tuxtepec City, Oaxaca., Mex. Concerto No. 92 during the year, by the Mayor Gustavo Pacheco Villaseñor. On June 26, 2010 is declared "Distinguished Visitor" in the city of Boca del Rio, during the concert in that city, the Mayor lic. Miguel Angel Yunes Marquez. On December 1, 2010 is declared "Dear Son" of the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.Throughout his career Mark Witt has been honored in the cities of Panama, Viña del Mar, Chile, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Torreon, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Mexico, Talcahuano, Chile, Cali, Guatemala and Colombia the "Keys to the City." In Colombia held a controversial discussion with writer Ricardo Abdahllah anticlerical.Marcos Witt ControversyMarcos Witt on June 19, 2006 attended the Third Meeting organized by the Foundation Fraternal GROW (Communion Renewed Evangelicals and Catholics in the Holy Spirit) at Luna Park, with the slogan: "That all may be one that the world may believe" .His main speakers were the preacher of the Pope, the Italian Capuchin Franciscan Raniero Cantalamessa who arrived to give a retreat to the bishops and evangelical pastor, where the end there was a press conference in which Marcos Witt said:

"I honor my parents, I honor my grandparents ... But we need buscarun new path, I joined this invitation because I want to investigate this path, I walk this path different, because I know the other."For different interpretations of these statements created a firestorm of controversy in many evangelical groups in the Spanish-speaking world because some interpreted that he was accepting Marcos Witt ecumenism, something rejected by many Protestants. This controversy is based on the Bible states that believers should not be put together with unbelievers in the same faith (2nd Corinthians 6:14-18), while other passages of the Bible mention that believers should be united (John 17:17-21).Then Marcos Witt made a video in which he explains his statements made in the press of that event, saying it was an act of "ecumenical", but a dialogue.Marcos Witt DubbingAlthough Marcos Witt is a professional voice actor lent his voice in the television series Angels Wars.Marcos Witt BooksWorshipA Worship Filled LifeBible in His presenceDecide right!Shine a LightLeadership at the endWhat we do with these musicians?Renew your neuronsLord, what I can do for you?How to exercise real authorityA life of excellenceHow I can develop my talents?Say Goodbye to Your FearsMarcos Witt Discography
Studio albums1986: Song to God1992: Worship!AA ProjectI yearnA voice1995: Remembering the same path ...1996: It's Christmas2004: ExperiencesChristmas TimeChristmas Time2007: Symphony of the Soul2009: WorshipCompilation albums1994: The Best of Mark1998: The Best of IntrumentalBest of Mark II2003: The Best of Mark III2004: Anthology2005: Only WorshipLive albums1992: You and IPraise and Worship: We Exalt1993: MightyGreat are thy wonders1994: Praise!1996: He won1998: Prepare the Way1999: Shine a LightHe will return2000: Tribute to JesusVencéu2001: Heal Our Land2002: The Gathering2003: God of CovenantsAmazing God2004: Remembering Again2005: God is Good2006: Joy2008: Supernatural2011: 25 Memorial ConcertSingle most notorious1996: "Thank you"2003: "I seek you""Jesus is Lord"2004: "At Christmas""Time""Amaze Me Your Love""Holy Night"2005: "In the mountains, the valleys" (with Funky)"God has been good"2006: "Only You"2008: 'Supernatural'"If You Believe"2011: "How beautiful is the Lord""You've Changed / Worshipper"Promotional Single2004: "There is an answer" (with José Luis Rodríguez, Ricardo Montaner, Julissa, Maria del Sol and Yuri)2008: "Move"Awards and nominations from Marcos WittLatin Grammy Awards of Marcos Witt2003 Heal Our Land Christian for Best AlbumRecalling 2004 for Best Album Again Christian in Spanish2006 God is Good for Best Spanish Christian Album2007 Christian Joy for Best Album in SpanishMarcos Witt Latin Billboard Awards2006 God Is Good by Christian / Gospel album of the Year2007 Joy of Christian / Gospel album of the YearMarcos Witt Harp Awards2003 "Heal Our Land" by Song of the Year2004 "God of Covenants" for Song of the Year2007 Him for Producer of the Year2008 Symphony for Classical Album of Soul / Orchestral / Instrumental / Choral / Vocal EnsembleSalvation Poem Movie 2011 for Best DVD, CM and LM

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